Episode 168

EP 168-Food, Sex, Money & Perfectionism with Dr. Dawn Dalili, ND

What do food, sex, money, and perfectionism have in common? Or have to do with our health? Actually, a whole heck of a lot. Today’s conversation with naturopathic doctor Dawn Dalili gets into all of these things, as well as how we start to move towards letting go of perfectionism and finding healing in all of these areas and more.

Dr. Dalili helps women overcome hormone-related issues such as PMS, anxiety/depression, fatigue, and weight. She has a passion for helping women transform their relationship with food and body, as she believes that our beliefs about our worth have huge impacts on the health and vitality we experience.

Dr. Dalili can support you in one of three ways: 1 - a comprehensive lab evaluation to help you understand your gut, hormones, and metabolism; 2 - Eat to Win: a 4 session deep dive to transform your relationship with food and body; 3 - Mind Makeover: a 4 session deep-dive focused on negative emotions and limiting beliefs using the tools of NLP.


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